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French Drain

Surface water may cause damp area or pooling of water on the surface around your home.

Steps for Installation:

  1. A trench is dug with a downward-slope where gravity will naturally drain the collected water to the discharge draining point.  

  2. The trench is then lined with a landscape filtered fabric with excessive amount to overlap the entire perforated drain pipe.  

  3. A perforated drain pipe is used to allow water into the pipe and a non-perforated drain pipe is used to maintain the water flow to it's designated discharge point.

  4. The pipe is then laid into the excavated trench.

  5. The perforated pipe is then covered with gravel.

  6. The entire perforated section of pipe is then wrapped with the filtered fabric overlapping pipe.

  7. At the perforated section of drain pipe gravel can be filled to the surface level if necessary. 

  8. In areas where grass is present additional gravel and filtered fabric will be added prior to adding soil and sod. 

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