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What is a Sump Pump?

A pump that is used to discharge water which is collected into the sump basin.

How does a Sump Pump work?

  • The sump pump turns on automatically by a float activator arm which is activated by rising water level in the sump basin.

  • Water is directed through the drain pipe and is collected into the sump basin which is then pumped out by the sump pump and discharged into a storm drain system or away from the house.

  • A check valve is installed onto the sump pump's discharge pipe to avoid water from flowing back into sump basin.

  • Discharging of collected water into the sump basin also decreases Hydrostatic pressure. 

What is a Battery Back Up Sump Pump System?

  • A Battery Back Up Sump Pump is a separate sump pump system which is installed adjacent to your existing sump pump system.

  • The Back Up Sump Pump also shares the existing sump basin.

  • This can also share the same discharge pipe or have a separate discharge pipe.  

  • It can also assist the existing sump pump in case of a large volume of incoming water.

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